The Team

Meet the heart and soul of Enduro Lanka. The people toiling away to make you're excursion a memorable one.

asf Chanakya Disanayake

Avid dirt bike rider and all round bike enthusiast. Yet he never seems to be able to stay on any of his bikes for a long time and always turns up with some new wound from an apparent bike accident. His key role in the whole Enduro Lanka team is unclear but we suspect he's just being kept around because he owns the dirt bikes that we're so desperately trying to get you guys to rent out.

asf Sankha Wanniatchi (Camping Specialist/Cook)

Sankha has pretty much camped out at every national park in Sri Lanka and some other weird places such as on top of raging waterfalls, riverbeds and even on top of trees. So ya, he is quite experienced at the whole outdoor stuff.

Apart from being our most experienced camper, he's also our cook. Even though he's never attended a day of cooking class (or so he says), he'll whip you up a scrupulous meal after a long days ride or what ever you may get up to out there. Rest assured he'll make sure you won't go hungry. Though he does expect you to cleanup afterwords. They say he's terrified of dirty dishes.

asf Ranga de Silva (Excursion Videographer & Photographer)

We really don't have much use for him. His driving is pretty ordinary and motorcycle skills are none existent. We just needed someone to record Chanakya falling off his bike and Ranga seemed to do alright with the camera. So we figured that you guys might want all you're falls, near misses, amazing takeoffs and landings caught on film or photographed so that you can showoff to the folks back home. Gives little Ranga something to.