Enduro Lanka currently offers three locations for dirt biking excursions. These locations offer exciting Beach / Sandy trails, rocky hill climbing and jungle/dirt trails in Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya - Dutch Bay trail

This trail offers a spectacular beach riding experience covering sandy tracks and sand dunes. Approximate length of the trail is around 25Km. High rider skill is required to negotiate the sandy terrain. Night riding excursions are also offered in this location

Devil's Stair Case - Kalupahana to Ohiya

This is a 17 Km rocky / gravel hill climb that offers breathtaking mountain views. We also provide downhill mountain biking opportunities for riders who like to combine multiple excursions in the same trip

Kotiyagala - jungle trails

This trail requires significant logistics support and therefore only offered for a minimum size group of riders. This is trail that covers the best Sri lanka has to offer in its Eastern jungles. Camping facilities are provided

Facilities -

  • We offer helmet mounted HD camcorders at additional cost for those who wish to record their riding experience.
  • Safety gear including helmets, gloves, knee - elbow - chest protection is available in limited quantities, but riders are encouraged to bring their own gear.
  • On multi day trips we offer basic camping facilities and meals.

Prices -

Pricing is dependent on the group size and location offered. Contact us for details.